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We have compiled a list of most common questions and made them easy to find on our Questions & Answers page

What to Eat

Having the correct foods on hand is key to the hcg diet. We have created a list of approved foods with calorie intake to help you along your way.

Becoming You!

We have provided an easy to read version of the Dr. Simeon Protocol along with the orignal plan, on how to do the hcg diet to give you a jump start to becoming who you really are.
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I'm April
Let Me Tell You About Myself

I am like most women in America, I continue to battle weight gain because we are so blessed to have food at our reach at all times. Because of this, we don't always make the right choices. I use to beat myself up every time I gained 1 pound. Not anymore. Now I know if my eating gets out of control, I have the power to gain control. HCG has helped me with that in the past and may again in the future. We are all human and have down falls. We probably judge ourselves harder than anyone else. Dont be ashamed if you put on everything you took off last year, just start fresh. You will not be judged on this website. Just take a deep breath and relax, today is your day to become you!

April Rowden Profile

April Rowden

Hi, I'm a HCG dieter who created this website to help others just like me. This site is to provide you with free hcg diet info and tools to make your journey seamless and easy.
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